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The Amazing World of Insects

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by Celedonio García-Pozuelo Ramos

With this book readers like you have a simple, but rigorous, introduction to the world of insects and other little animals.

Take a few minutes to observe any of them with the naked eye. Insects. Spiders. Worms. Your observation will lead you to understand that these wonderfully complex creatures. Enjoy these authentic mini “stars”!

You will discover wonderful teachings about this small realm. Uncover the virtues of nature’s miniature beings. Your exploration of the world will show you this amazing miracles:

• The extraordinary maternal (and sometimes paternal) cares of many insects
• The “intelligent” behavior of the bee and many other bugs, instead of their reduced dimensions
• The incredible miracle of metamorphosis
• Many more wonderful discoveries

Table of Contents

1. Animals without Bones
2. Insect Planet
3. An Immense Diversity
4. Flying Flowers
5. Armored
6. Camouflaged Lives
7. Social and Flying
8. Superbuilders
9. Flying Machines
10. Spiders

Your whole family will enjoy this extraordinary adventure. Your journey will take you deep into the mysteries of creation and it’s Designer.

ISBN: 978-84-7208-460-5
Pages: 100, hardcover, includes cards of insect pictures for a matching game
Dimensions: 9 x 10.875 inches

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