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Children's Century Classics (7-volume set)

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Give your child the ultimate gift!

Marvelously illustrated 7-volume set. Brings to life classic stories from the Bible. Stories include prophecy that became history.

But it doesn’t stop there. Follow the adventures of courageous heroes of faith. King David. Daniel. Peter. John. Discover the wonderful future that God has planned for our world—how you can be part of it!

Learn vital character-building principles—honesty, integrity, kindness, and generosity. Your favorite Bible characters—Noah, Esther, Paul, and many others—are your teachers. You’ll read about other historical figures—Reformer Martin Luther, brothers John and Charles Wesley, Hiram Edson, among others—as they demonstrate faithfulness, surrender, and sacrifice. These role models inspire. Motivate your children to stand boldly for what’s right.

Most importantly, you’ll see the amazing power and love of Jesus shine through His miracles and ministry. Your child will be encouraged. You’ll be able to establish God’s love in your children’s hearts. God’s leading becomes evident to His children.

  • Nearly 300 stories
  • More than 600 Illustrations
  • QR Codes in each chapter link the reader to a media-rich companion website (account required
  • Website accounts include dramatic streaming audio.


Children need a sense of purpose and belonging. The best gift you can give them is the knowledge that God lovingly created them. God also has special plans for each one of their lives. That's exactly what children will discover in the Children's Century Classics.

Pages: 198 pages in each book,
Dimensions: 7.75 x 9.375 inches each book

Book 1: When Time Began

The Fallen Angel
Let There Be Light
God Creates the Animals
In the Image of God
The First Sabbath
The Fall of Adam and Eve
God’s Wonderful Plans for Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel
Noah’s Ark
The Flood
Tower of Babel
Call of Abram
Sodom and Gomorrah
The Test of Faith
A Wife for Isaac
Jacob and Esau
Jacob’s Ladder
Night of Wrestling
Joseph’s Coat and Dreams
Joseph in Egypt
Joseph and His Brothers
Let My People Go
The Passover
Crossing the Red Sea
Ten Commandments
Idolatry at Sinai
Tabernacle and Its Services
Sin of Nadab and Abihu
Food From Heaven Rejected
Twelve Spies
Rebellion of Korah
Moses Makes a Big Mistake
Fiery Snakes
Great Victory Over Sihon and Og
Balaam and His Talking Donkey
The River Stopped Running

Book 2: Rise of the Prophets

Fall of Jericho
Achan’s Deception
Tricked by the Gibeonites
The Day the Sun Stood Still
The Earlier Judges
God Chooses Gideon
Gideon’s Army
Victory Over the Midianites
Samson Gets Even
Samson and Delilah
A Mother’s Prayer Answered
God Calls Samuel
The Ark of God Taken
We Want a King!
Saul’s Sacrifice
Saul Rejected as King
Jonathan Wins the Battle
David Anointed King
David Kills the Lion
David Brought Before the King
David and Goliath
King Saul Is Jealous of David
Doeg’s Betrayal
Saul Chases David
David Shows Kindness to Saul
David Steals Saul’s Spear
Witch of Endor
David With the Philistines
David Crowned King
The Philistines Defeated
David and Mephibosheth
David and Bathsheba
Absalom Rebels
Absalom Killed
David Chooses Solomon as King

Book 3: Prophets, Priests, and Kings

God Gives Solomon Wisdom
Wise King, Foolish Mistake
The Kingdom Divided
A Kingdom Turns From God
Elijah Predicts a Drought
Miracle in a Jar
Elijah Raises a Boy to Life
Mount Carmel Showdown
Elijah Flees to Mount Horeb
The Call of Elisha
A Wicked King Becomes a Thief
Elijah and Horses of Fire
Elisha Heals the Water at Jericho
Elisha and the Bears
Ditches of Blood
The Miracle Oil Pots
Resurrected Boy at Shunem
Healing Naaman
The Floating Ax Head
Delivery at Dothan
Jonah and the Whale
A Boy Becomes King
Hezekiah’s Reformation
Hezekiah’s Deliverance From Assyria
Hezekiah’s Sickness
Josiah’s Reformation
Jeremiah, a Man for His Time
Jerusalem Captured
In the Babylonian Court
Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
The Fiery Furnace
Nebuchadnezzar’s Madness
Handwriting on the Wall
In the Lions’ Den
Return of the Exiles
Beauty Queen
A Courageous Queen Saves Her People
Nehemiah Rebuilds Jerusalem
The Coming Deliverer

Book 4: The Miracle Man

The Mother of Jesus Is Chosen
The Birth of Jesus
The Dedication of Jesus
Wise Men
Jesus in the Temple
The Boy Jesus
John the Baptist
Baptism of Jesus
Wilderness Temptation
We Have Found the Messiah
Jesus’ First Miracle
Jesus Clears the Temple
Woman at the Well
Healing the Nobleman’s Son
Healing a Lame Man at Bethesda
Hidden Treasure
Death of John the Baptist
Jesus Rejected at Nazareth
Miracle Fish
A Demon in the Church
A Leper Comes to Jesus
Miracles at Peter’s House
Paralytic Healed
Matthew Gets a New Job
Your Disciples Broke the Rules
Twelve Special Men Chosen
Sermon on the Mount
The Foolish Carpenter
Centurion’s Request
Widow’s Son Raised
The Farmer’s Seed
Calming the Storm
Demons on the Beach
Healed by a Touch
Jairus’ Daughter Raised
Only One Gave Thanks
The First Evangelists
Look What I Have
The Great Supper

Book 5: Savior of the World

The Son Who Left His Father
A Small Lunch and , Hungry People
Peter Walks on Water
A Mother’s Great Faith Saves Her Daughter
An Unforgettable Night
Demon-Possessed Boy
Money in a Fish’s Mouth
Blind Man Healed
The Lost Sheep
Good Samaritan
Rich Young Ruler
At the Home of Lazarus
A Lesson on True Greatness
“Lazarus, Come Forth!”
Church Leaders Plan a Murder
Two Prayers, One Answer
The Best Gift Jesus Ever Received
The Unforgiving Servant
Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
A Den of Thieves
The Stolen Vineyard
Sheep and Goats
Look for My Return
The Hidden Money
Ten Maidens
First Communion
A Terrible Night in the Garden
Judas Betrays Jesus
Trial Before Annas and Caiaphas
The Man Who Hung Himself
In Pilate’s Judgment Hall
Crucify Him
In Joseph’s Tomb
Jesus’ Resurrection
An Empty Tomb
The Walk to Emmaus
Feed My Sheep

Book 6: Way of the Master

God’s Purpose for His Church
Preaching With New Power
Miracle at the Gate
Peter and John in Trouble Again
Ananias and Sapphira
Peter and John Imprisoned
The Stoning of Stephen
Philip and the Ethiopian
Simon the Sorcerer
From Persecutor to Preacher
Dorcas Raised to Life
Peter and the Sheet
Chained Between Two Soldiers
Adventures in Antioch
An Angry Mob Stones Paul
Fighting in Church
Timothy Joins Paul
Earthquake at Midnight
They Turned the World Upside Down!
Who Is the Unknown God?
Paul at Corinth
Healed by a Handkerchief
Success and Danger in Ephesus
A Young Man Falls to His Death
Saved by the Romans
Paul Before the Sanhedrin
A King Almost Becomes a Christian
Paul Is Bitten by a Deadly Snake
Special Armor for God’s Special Forces
Paul Helps a Runaway Slave
Spreading the Gospel From Prison
I Have Fought the Good Fight
Peter Is Faithful to the End
John Is Boiled in Oil
Seven Messages From Seven Churches
A Woman and a Child Hunted by a Dragon
John Receives a Heavenly Vision
God Leads His Church to Success

Book 7: The Greatest Battle

Jerusalem Will Be Destroyed
Satan Tries to Stamp Out the Christian Church
Church of the Dark Ages
The Waldenses
John Wycliffe
Huss and Jerome
Martin Luther as a Young Man
Martin and the Scary Staircase
Martin Luther Goes to Court
Revival in Switzerland
The French Reformation
Bow or Burn at the Stake
Tyndale the Translator
John Bunyan Jailed
Christians Flee to America
Roger Williams
Saved From a Fire
Two Brothers Dedicated to God
God Is Banned in France
Bloody Moon and Falling Stars
A Little Boy Makes a Big Decision
William Miller
God Chooses a Simple Farmer
Great Disappointment
God Gives a Long Look Into the Future
God’s Special Day
What’s Going On in the Courts of Heaven?
The Greatest Battle
Satan’s Deadly Tricks
What Happens When We Die?
A Storm Is Coming
The Amazing Word of God
The Final Warning
Time of Trouble for God’s People
Jesus to the Rescue
Locked up for , Years
God’s Perfect Playground
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