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Bible Commentary

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  1. Bible Study Companion Set

    Bible Study Companion Set

    None Learn More
  2. From Pigpen to Salvation

    From Pigpen to Salvation

    Like the prodigal son, many have taken the path of life away from their Savior to depths of despair. Have you? Want a way back? Learn More
  3. Sketches from the Life of Paul

    Sketches from the Life of Paul

    by E. G. White

    The apostle Paul was one of the most colorful characters in Christian history. In a clear and connected manner, this historical narrative traces the pathways of the apostle Paul’s life.

    First, he was Saul, the persecutor. Believing to the core of his soul that Christians were wrong, he tortured them. The road to Damascus changed everything.

    Blinded, he offered himself as a willing sacrifice. He determined to love and obey God more than his earthly life. Once he became a passionate follower of Jesus and a tireless missionary, he survived beatings, shipwrecks, and riots to spread the gospel far and wide. Meanwhile, he wrote a large section of the New Testament and, in his spare time, supported his mission work by making tents.

    Paul’s adventures and achievements might seem far removed from the everyday trials of today’s Christian. From the sketches from his life, author E. G. White draws practical lessons that you can use today.

    Do you desire more courage and persistence in your witness for God? Do you want to know the secret to being joyful in the worst of circumstances? Does your life need a turnaround as dramatic as the one Paul experienced? Whatever your situation, you will discover hope in these portraits of the apostle Paul.

    ISBN: 978-1-629131-83-2
    Pages: 256, paperback
    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

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  4. God's Final Warning

    God's Final Warning

    Final warning? We’ve had warnings and promises for nearly 6,000 years. After all of this time, are things really going to happen? No need to panic. God has everything under control. Enduring the apocalypse will be the ultimate challenge, but we have a promise in Matthew 24:13: “He who endures to the end shall be saved.” Learn More
  5. Glad Tidings: Galatians Made Clear

    Glad Tidings: Galatians Made Clear

    By E. J. Waggoner Learn More
  6. He Is Risen

    He Is Risen

    none Learn More
  7. The Holy Ghost

    The Holy Ghost

    none Learn More
  8. Noah: Another Storm is Coming (Hardcover)

    Noah: Another Storm is Coming (Hardcover)

    Noah (Hardcover) Learn More
  9. The Noble Character (Daily Devotional)

    The Noble Character (Daily Devotional)

    The Noble Character Learn More
  10. Bible Reference Century Classics Collection
  11. Daniel: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour

    Daniel: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour

    The book of Daniel has long been at the heart of studies on Bible prophecy for God's people. Learn More

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