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Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing

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by E. G. White

Everyone loves a good story, but stories are not just for entertainment. They are effective and memorable teaching tools. Jesus, the Master Teacher, told dozens of stories during His ministry to help us understand God and His ways. Jesus’ stories, known as parables, are object lessons that use everyday items and familiar situations to illustrate spiritual truths. 

The beauty of parables is that they are simple enough for a child to understand yet filled with layers of meaning that challenge the deepest thinker. In this book E. G. White unpacks the significance of Jesus’ parables, bringing their messages home to today’s world. Themes such as love, forgiveness, prayer, generosity, and service shine with new brilliance in these stories of farmers and fathers, businessmen and beggars, bakers and bridesmaids.

Like the Gospels, this is a book you’ll want to read again and again, discovering new treasures of truth each time you open it.  



1. Teaching in Parables
2. "The Sower Went Forth to Sow"
3. "First the Blade, then the Ear"
4. Tares
5. "Like a Grain of Mustard Seed"
6. Other Lessons from Seed-Sowing 
7. "Like unto Leaven" 
8. Hidden Treasure 
9. The Pearl 
10. The Net 
11. "Things New and Old" 
12. Asking to Give 
13. Two Worshipers 
14. "Shall Not God Avenge His Own?" 
15. "This Man Receiveth Sinners" 
16. "Lost and Is Found" 
17. "Spare It This Year Also" 
18. "Go into the Highways and Hedges" 
19. The Measure of Forgiveness 
20. Gain That Is Loss 
21. "A Great Gulf Fixed" 
22. Saying and Doing 
23. The Lord's Vineyard
24. Without a Wedding Garment
25. Talents
26. "Friends by the Mammon of Unrighteousness"
27. "Who Is My Neighbor?"
28. The Reward of Grace
29. "To Meet the Bridegroom"

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