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We Want a King - A Daily Journey through "Prophets and Kings"

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Who Do You Serve?

“Give us a king to lead us!” (1 Samuel 8:6). When the people of Israel saw the powerful nations around them, they longed for their own king to lead them—instead of God. This short-sighted choice to set up a poor, frail human ruler was followed by centuries of continual apostasy and suffering.

Are we making the same mistake today? Like Israel, we forget to go to God for guidance, instead letting our worries and desires get ahead of us. We overlook how far He has led us to safety in the past. Sometimes, we even think we have “better ideas”—only to discover that we’ve made a complete mess of our lives.

What next? How do you recover? How do you get back on the path of God’s will?

We Want a King is an empowering daily devotional designed to help you to find answers and ensure that the Lord always reigns in your life. Day by day, you’ll walk through Ellen White’s beloved Prophets and Kings to discover the seismic struggles that happened when the people of Israel, and their temporal and spiritual leaders, relied on their own wisdom to navigate through Satan’s traps and temptations.

Throughout the journey, you’ll be equipped to let the Lord reign in your life day by day, paving the way to true victory and joy. God has plans to prosper you—learn how not to get in the way!

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