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Storytime Adventures

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Teach the Children, and They Will Lead the Way.

A boy battles a cougar on a dark mountainside. A girl risks her life to save a dog from an icy river. A pirate captain makes a surprising turnaround after his attack on a ship mysteriously fails.

These are just a few of the gripping true stories that await you inside this book. Along with tales of dramatic rescues and heart-stopping adventures, you'll meet everyday kids dealing with everyday situations: schoolwork, bullying, family drama, and more. You'll see how young people fueled by honesty, generosity, courage, and kindness have made a positive impact on their world. You will also discover the secrets behind the great character lessons of life that will make a difference even in life's toughest situations.

This books is especially designed for parents and grandparents to share with children. Each story includes discussion questions to help kids unpack the lessons it teaches. If you want to spark your children's sense of imagination and wonder while inspiring them with admirable role models, open this book and get ready for an adventure!

Table of Contents

1. Trapped in Death Cavern
2. The Miracle of the Dead Trees
3. Holding the Bag
4. Out of the Icy Depths
5. Your Bread Shall Be Sure
6. In Line for Disaster
7. The Cheerful Giver
8. Sticks and Stones
9. Saved from the Blaze
10. Elena's Christmas Solo
11. Terror on the Mountain
12. The Birthday Cake Prayer
13. The Rope Was My Teacher
14. The Mystery of the Powerless Pirates
15. Little Gifts
16. Dominic's Victory
17. From Limping to Leaping
18. Pleading Eyes
19. Roberto's Homework
20. Blessed are the Peacemakers
21. Night of the Death Squad
22. The Swarm
23. A Friend to Lean On
24. Rescue on the River

ISBN: 978-1-5136-2085-5
Pages 96, Paperback
Dimensions: 8.125 x 10.563 x .25 inches

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