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Special Forces for a Special People

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Ever feel as if you're just . . . ordinary? . . . nothing special? . . . average?

Maybe you live a "ho-hum," uneventful life. But sometimes, you dare to dream . . .

If so, please know that before you read even one more sentence that you can be someone special . . . you ARE someone special. You can do something as heroic as any person ever has in all history. You can be a part of something grand, something magnificent, something breathtaking.

In the early pages of this book, Dwight Hall shares his own experience of feeling less than ordinary during high school, earning his way to be part of the elite squad of the U.S. Army's Special Forces Unit called the Airborne Rangers—a highly trained, highly disciplined military regiment—in his quest to feel special.

Not only did he achieve his goal to feel special, he shows you that it takes nothing more than to volunteer to become a special agent of the most magnificent and demanding team ever given to human beings—to be used of God in His army.

By Dwight Hall

Table of Contents

  1. "I am Going to Kill Myself"
  2. To Be Somebody
  3. Basic Training: Fort Polk, Louisiana
  4. Dwight Hall—Army Ranger
  5. What Does It Mean to Be "Special"?
  6. The Right Tools for the Job—Part I
  7. The Right Tools for the Job—Part II
  8. Fit for Fight
  9. God's Military Dress Code
  10. Marked Men . . . Marked Women
  11. Warriors of Love
  12. Classified Intelligence Report
  13. Selling Out to God

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