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Learning to Walk with God

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Dwight was looking for a practical, heart-changing religion. He wanted to walk with God like Enoch, Moses, and Elijah, but didn't know how. "If the Bible is true," he wondered, "then where are the people that are walking the walk?"

This search is not new of course, But it was this search--for peace, meaning and purpose--that impelled a teenage Dwight Hall in and out of two Christian academies, into the Airborne Rangers and eventually into starting a successful manufacturing company.

Many thought Dwight was living the great "American Dream." He had a beautiful wife, three lovely children, a very nice home and a successful business. But though the money was good and alcohol helped to soothe his nerves, something was still dreadfully wrong.

Your heart will thrill as you read Dwight's story--and Deb's too--a story of power and grace. For if God hears even the prayer of a drunken soldier, He can solve your problems as well.

Do you want to walk with God? To have Him as your personal friend, like the Bible heroes of old? This book shows the way in a practical, life-changing manner.

This story isn't about a church, denomination, or Bible-thumping theory. It's a journey. A path that leads Dwight, his wife, and their children to a better way of life. It is about learning to walk with God--something you can do right where you are.

Today, Dwight shares his faith through the ministry of Remnant Publications. Since 1985, Remnant has printed and distributed millions of books and literature with the sole purpose of leading people closer to Christ. Dwight has shared his testimony along with seminars across the United States, as well as South America, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Table of Contents

  1. Growing Up "Different"
  2. Fitting In
  3. One the Bubble
  4. Mom on the Line
  5. Déjà Vu with the Dean
  6. Keeping My Word
  7. Buckling Down
  8. Escape to Adventure
  9. The Perfect Soldier
  10. "Dwight, This is Deb"
  11. A Growing Relationship
  12. Deb Studies the Bible
  13. Engaged at Last
  14. Off with a "Bang"
  15. Building a Business
  16. Still Something Missing
  17. The American Dream
  18. Riding the Fence
  19. A Turning Point
  20. Eating to Live
  21. Seth
  22. Finding My Niche
  23. My Life as a Pharisee
  24. Coming to Grips with Myself
  25. Searching My Soul
  26. Choice and Changes
  27. As God Leads the Way
  28. Called to the Wilderness
  29. Smoothing Rough Edges
  30. Taming the TV
  31. Getting "Down to Speed"
  32. From the Inside Out
  33. What Are You Here for?
  34. The Power of a Simple Prayer
  35. Overcoming the Boogieman Blues
  36. Miracle of the Dead Trees
  37. One Change at a Time
  38. Being Faithful in the Little Things
  39. Where Is Your Wilderness?
  40. How Has Christianity Changed Your Life?

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