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Pilgrim's Progress Audio Book MP3 CD

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by John Bunyan

This classic story of Christian’s journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City comes alive in this epic audio dramatization. Accompany the pilgrim on his diverse adventures as he passes through the Slough of Despond and escapes from prison in his quest to find the Celestial City. He also encounters lions, the Shining Ones, Worldly Wiseman, Mr. Legality, Evangelist, Patience, and a multiple cast of other attention-grabbing characters along the way. Travel with Christian as he discovers forgiveness, loses his burden, dons the armor of God, and confronts dangers within and without.

Written more than 300 years ago by a faithful street preacher while confined for 12 years in a loathsome British prison for preaching without a license, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress has become a spiritual classic. This reading of the masterpiece features 77 actors, sound effects, and music.

ISBN: 618478777739
Audiobook: 396 minutes, 40 seconds (1 MP3 CD disc)
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