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Pilgrim's Progress 2 Christiana Audio Book MP3 CD

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by John Bunyan

The journey continues as the pilgrim’s wife, Christiana, disregards the ridicule of her neighbors and follows in her husband’s footsteps toward the Celestial City. Accompanied by her four sons and Mercy, a young neighbor, Christiana is in for an adventure. Journey with them as they gather wisdom and confront internal and external dangers along their path of faith. They meet up with Great Heart, a noble warrior with the Sword of the Spirit, as he defeats the deceitful giant, Grim, and his pair of fierce lions. The insight of the Interpreter comforts them when he explains that God sees not the faults of the sinner, but the perfect likeness of His Son, in whom the pilgrims believe.

Travel with Christiana and her little troupe as they encounter Vanity Fair, the Enchanted Forest, and the Great Chasm, experiencing perils and triumphs on their quest of faith. Colorful characters such as Feeble Mind, Old Honest, Much-Afraid, Prudence, Piety, Charity and others offer character-building insights along the way. In all, this reading features 58 actors, sound effects, and music.

ISBN: 618478777753
Audiobook: 466 minutes, 10 seconds (1 MP3 CD disc)
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