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Healthy Foods

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George D. Pamplona-Roger, MD

A one-volume summary of the Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power (3 volumes) by Dr. Pamplona-Roger. It analyzes more than 300 foods that are good for the different organs of the body as well as the best way to prepare and use them. The book holds an index of the diseases discussed and also of the foods that are presented.

The Healing Power of Foods

  • Our health and well-being depend, more than on any other factor, on the food that we take in every day.
  • Whereas some foods can be the origin of disease, others are capable of preventing, alleviating, or even curing our ailments.
  • A research physician and an author of extensive experience, Dr. Pamplona-Roger describes with scientific clarity and precision the composition, curative properties, and usage of nearly 100 “star” foods.
  • Their regular consumption can do as much for our health as most medicines and other medical treatments.
  • Additionally, an indication is given as to which foods we should take advantage of, and which ones ought to be shunned when suffering from some of the most common diseases and maladies.
  • This book will help the reader to know the foods endowed with medicinal power better, and enjoy eating them as well.

  • ISBN: 978-84-7208-147-5
    394 pages; hardcover
    Dimensions: 7 x 9.88 x 1 inches.
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