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Charcoal Remedies - Complete Manual for the XXI Century

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Author: John Dinsley

From the nuclear submarines in the deepest oceans to the International Space Station that orbits the earth, from the jungles of the Amazon to the congested megacities, coal has become an indispensable tool of technology and care of the health in the 21st century. Coal purifies the water we drink, the air we breathe, and detoxifies the soil on which we grow our food. In its medicinal form, charcoal is used daily in almost every modern hospital in the world and plays a major role in maintaining, restoring and improving the health levels of the human being. Modern hospitals depend on this, the simplest of remedies, for uses such as the treatment of food and drug intoxication, kidney and liver dialysis machines, bandaging and cleaning wounds, treating anaemia caused by cancer, and many other things. These same benefits are available to you. In a world poisoned by the short-range mentality of the human being, God has provided humanity with a microscopic agent that is large enough to swallow much of what makes us sick.

"Coal has amazing healing properties. In fact, if I were trapped on a desert island and could only have one thing with me to protect me from disease, infections and ailments, I would choose coal. " Dr. Agatha Thrash

As a medicine, coal is thoroughly scientific and surprisingly simple. It is economical and accessible even for "the poor and illiterate. It is free of side effects and inspires faith in a God who cares for all. It is easy to use and completely compatible with the environment.

"From my heart I recommend Medicinal Charcoal - Complete Manual for the XXI Century . As a physician, mother and grandmother, and public health educator for the last 41 years, I have come to rely completely on the efficacy and safety of coal as a simple and powerful home remedy. This book serves not only as a reference for the medicinal uses of coal, but also brings together 150 incidents reported by people around the world. The public needs this book. EACH FAMILY, every health professional, every traveler abroad, every individual concerned about their health needs a copy in their personal library. " Agatha M. Thrash (MD, pathologist and former forensic physician of the State of Georgia).

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Page Count: 320, paperback

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