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Two Sacrifices One Destiny

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by Pastor Shahbaz

In the 1960s, Shahbaz and his twin brother were born into the Imperial Government of Iran. The country afforded its citizens more freedom in those days. Even as a small child, he would ask the questions:

• Is God watching me?
• Does He listen?
• Is He able to work through our life circumstances, not matter how complex, to draw us to Him?

In this gripping story, Pastor Shahbaz recounts his journey. He briefly details a customary Shiite ritual to sacrifice a sheep for each baby born. This custom was performed when he and his twin brother arrived home from the hospital after their births. Shiite Muslims believe sacrificing an animal preserved the life of a human.

Spiritual things interested him from an early age. Shahbaz recognized that two sacrifices had been given for his life. One, the sheep at his birth, which could not actually save him. Two, Jesus, the Lamb of God who could save him from his sins.

In Two Sacrifices: One Destiny, Pastor Shahbaz shares his story. How God began to reveal His love. Through a Christmas celebration. A 1950s film. Christian education. A first prayer. His quest for peace. God’s love for the inquisitive, impressionable, and determined Muslim boy was so incredible. That love compelled him to share it with family and friends.

God’s power has seen this pastor through trials, tragedies, triumphs, and miracles. This same Power has opened doors for him to take God's command to go forth. So he now carries the good news to the worldwide Islamic community. This servant leads Muslims to embrace God’s love through the blood of Jesus. You too have the privilege, right now, to experience that love. Reach out and grasp it as you read through this captivating story.

Table of Contents

1. The Early Years
2. The Robe: My First Encounter
3. America: My Second Encounter
4. The Plight of a Revolution
5. No Medicine for Me: My Third Encounter
6. Main Street Experience: My Fourth Encounter
7. Church Membership: My Fifth Encounter
8. Amazing Grace!
9. Love and Marriage
10. A Full Return
11. The Call to Ministry
12. Where Is Everyone Now?
13. The Power of Love
14. Two Families, One Destiny
15. Children of the East
16. The Quran
17. Jesus in the Quran
18. Final Thoughts

ISBN: 978-1-629130-39-2
Pages: 96, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
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