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To Adolescents and Parents

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by Dr Julián Melgosa

Probably no other time in life is more complex and turbulent than adolescence. As a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood, many doubts and uncertainties are manifested; nevertheless, crucial decisions must be made about the future during this unstable time of life.

As a unique work, this material has been developed so adults will know and be able to understand the up-and-coming generations; young people will also be able to understand their elders. The author, Julián Melgosa, a psychologist and a recognized communicator, while describing the causes of the generation gap, offers practical advice for bridging this distance, which can many times seem impossible to do. All of the information is accompanied by photographs, charts, and diagrams that helps to organize ideas and facilitate understanding.

ISBN: 978-8472081352
Pages: 191, hardcover

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