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The Gospel of Sex

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by Dustin Hall

Sex. It’s as dangerous in the wrong context as it is good in the right context. Every day, young people are assaulted with sexual imagery and music that pressures them to make unbiblical choices about what they do with their bodies. Young adults are being led into sinful sex at an alarming rate, with disastrous results. Pre-marital sexual activity is one of the most persuasive and difficult temptations to overcome for young men and women, yet it is also one of the most destructive for those seeking success for their goals in life and, most importantly, seeking to be in the kingdom of heaven.

Thus, it is vital to arm yourself and your family and friends with the tools to fight the battles of sexualized pop culture and peer pressure successfully. And now you can do just that with this brief but powerful resource that speaks to young people in a frank and honest manner, while presenting important, life-changing information in a language and style with which they can truly identify.

You and with whomever you share The Gospel of Sex will receive the medical, statistical, and biblical facts about sex outside marriage—inspiring and encouraging young people of all ages to accept God’s plan of sexual purity in their lives—enabling them to become powerful lights sharing the gospel through the Word and holy living.

ISBN: 978-1-933291-03-6
Pages: 96, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Good News about Goals
Chapter 2: The Good News on Being the Light
Chapter 3: The Good News about Love
Chapter 4: The Good News about STDs
Chapter 5: The Good News about Sexual Bonding
Chapter 6: The Good News about the Lies
Chapter 7: The Good News about Starting Over
Chapter 8: The Good News about Sex and Marriage
Chapter 9: Straight Talk
Chapter 10: Straight Talk to Parents

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