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The Church Rumor Mill

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We are in a battle! This is a fierce, no-holds-barred battle for life or death. In fact, this great battle is for eternal life or death. This all out war, one that has been raging for thousands of years, is almost finished. Praise God! But before it can come to an end, a few things must and will take place.

Jesus speaks about wars and rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes, and more as warning signs that His coming is near. He also refers to the persecution that God’s people will endure.

One of those types of persecution is GOSSIP. God will have a people that overcome this terrible malignant sin. This gross sin is so terrible in God’s view that Satan and a third of the heavenly angels were banished—kicked out—from God’s kingdom forever.

The church should have had this killer cancer surgically removed by now, showing the world, by example, that God will not tolerate this character defect of making others look worse than ourselves. Satan is the chief instigator and the original author of GOSSIP among God’s people.

The Church Rumor Mill, by Danny Shelton, provides firsthand experience of how he and other—in the name of God—can so easily be caught in this deceitful, life-killing trap. As an honest, up-front disclosure of this almost overpowering and degrading sin, you will find the solution to overcome it among these pages.

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