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The Acts of the Apostles

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by E. G. White

When jet aircrafts take off, the ground trembles with its force. Cars and computers demand great quantities of it. Hurricanes and volcanoes overwhelm all nature when they display it. God’s church can’t get along without it. POWER. If one word sums up the Bible book called The Acts of the Apostles, it is power. And not just any kind of power—these pages bring into view a source of power far greater than that unleashed by nuclear energy or even an exploding supernova.

The power revealed in this volume is stupendous, awesome, and limitless. It is the power that created the universe—the power of God Himself, as channeled through the Holy Spirit. “You shall receive power,” Christ told His fledgling church, “when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8 NKJV). Then came Pentecost, and in its train the sick were healed, the dead raised, and thousands were won to Christ in a day.

Today, God’s church needs this same power again. Christians need power to live as Jesus lived. Power to win the war of sin. Power to blast through solid walls of selfishness, indifference, and hostility. Power to reach and change human hearts. Power to see committed rebels changed into loyal sons and daughters of God. Power to finish the work of taking God’s good news to the entire sin-scarred world.

In The Acts of the Apostles, a remarkable commentary on the biblical book of Acts, you are invited to witness again the enormous power of the early church. Then you are invited to request it—and experience it—for yourself.

ISBN: 978-1-883-012-74-0
Pages: 368, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Table of Contents

1. God’s Purpose for His Church
2. The Training of the Twelve
3. The Great Commission
4. Pentecost
5. The Gift of the Spirit
6. At the Temple Gate
7. A Warning against Hypocrisy
8. Before the Sanhedrin
9. The Seven Deacons
10. The First Christian Martyr
11. The Gospel in Samaria
12. From Persecutor to Disciple
13. Days of Preparation
14. A Seeker for Truth
15. Delivered from Prison
16. The Gospel Message in Antioch
17. Heralds of the Gospel
18. Preaching among the Heathen
19. Jew and Gentile
20. Exalting the Cross
21. In the Regions Beyond
22. Thessalonica
23. Berea and Athens
24. Corinth
25. The Thessalonian Letters
26. Apollos at Corinth
27. Ephesus
28. Days of Toil and Trial
29. A Message of Warning and Entreaty
30. Called to Reach a Higher Standard
31. The Message Heeded
32. A Liberal Church
33. Laboring Under Difficulties
34. A Consecrated Ministry
35. Salvation to the Jews
36. Apostasy in Galatia
37. Paul’s Last Journey to Jerusalem
38. Paul a Prisoner
39. The Trial at Caesarea
40. Paul Appeals to Caesar
41. “Almost Thou Persuadest Me”
42. The Voyage and Shipwreck
43. In Rome
44. Caesar’s Household
45. Written from Rome
46. At Liberty
47. The Final Arrest
48. Paul Before Nero
49. Paul’s Last Letter
50. Condemned to Die
51. A Faithful Under-Shepherd
52. Steadfast Unto the End
53. John the Beloved
54. A Faithful Witness
55. Transformed by Grace
56. Patmos
57. The Revelation
58. The Church Triumphant
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