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Surviving Toxic Terrorism

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Steve Wohlberg

Our nightmare began on a beautiful summer day in July of 2007. My wife, Kristin, our three-year-old son, Seth, and I were peacefully driving down northern California's scenic Interstate Highway 101 among the towering redwoods when calamity struck like lightning from a clear blue sky.

"Something's wrong with Seth!" Kristin unexpectedly yelled after glancing backward at our child who had fallen asleep in his car seat just moments before. Immediately, I flashed a look behind me (I was driving) and was shocked to see our little boy convulsing and jerking. Panic gripped me. Quickly, I pulled over, jumped into the back seat and shook my son gently. "Seth? Are you having a bad dream? Wake up!"

Steve Wohlberg shares the personal testimony of their journey to find answers for their son's sickness. The answers he found were shocking and are answers you need to discover as well. This new pocket-sized sharing book will enlighten you as to the dangerous world of the toxins in the world around us. Be sure to stock up so you can share!

Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.5 inches, paperback pocket book Pages: 32
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