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Steps to Christ MP3 Download

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The book Steps to Christ, Ellen White’s life-changing masterpiece on the essence of Christianity, has been published in more than 150 languages with over 100 million copies in circulation. Since 1892, it has brought inspiration and hope to millions of readers around the world.

And now it’s been prepared for today’s media-savvy audiences in this professionally produced, spoken word recording on MP3 that breathes fresh life and passion into every page.

In part an evangelistic masterwork that encourages truth seekers to embrace the teachings of Christ and trust in God’s plan of salvation, it’s also practical, Bible-based counsel that shows how to survive and thrive in a sin-filled world and have more meaningful relationships and ultimate peace in this life.

This precious treasure has brought joy to every nation on earth, and it can now lead you step by step to the cross of Christ—and beyond, to His throne room in heaven—to encourage, inspire, and bring you empowering grace that will help you overcome every obstacle in your walk of faith and give you joy that will last for all eternity.
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