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Ministry of Healing Audio CD

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By E. G. White

Table of Contents

  1. Our Example
  2. Days of Ministry
  3. With Nature and with God
  4. The Touch of Faith
  5. Healing of the Soul
  6. Saved to Serve
  7. The Co-working of the Divine and the Human
  8. The Physician, an Educator
  9. Teaching and Healing
  10. Helping the Tempted
  11. Working for the Intemperate
  12. Help for the Unemployed and the Homeless
  13. The Helpless Poor
  14. Ministry to the Rich
  15. In the Sickroom
  16. Prayer for the Sick
  17. The Use of Remedies
  18. Mind Cure
  19. In Contact with Nature
  20. General Hygiene
  21. Hygiene among the Israelites
  22. Dress
  23. Diet and Health
  24. Flesh as Food
  25. Extremes in Diet
  26. Stimulants and Narcotics
  27. Liquor Traffic and Prohibition
  28. Ministry of the Home
  29. The Builders of the Home
  30. Choice and Preparation fo the Home
  31. The Mother
  32. The Child
  33. Home Influences
  34. True Education, a Missionary Training
  35. A True Knowledge of God
  36. Danger in Speculative Knowledge
  37. The False and the True in Education
  38. The Importance of Seeking True Knowledge
  39. The Knowledge Received through God's Word
  40. Help in Daily Living
  41. In Contact with Others
  42. Development and Service
  43. A Higher Experience

Have you checked a newsstand lately? New magazines on health, fitness, diet, and exercise seem to be taking more and more shelf space every month.

Maybe you're old enough to remember a time when no one ever talked about aerobics, jogging, cholesterol, and workouts. But today it's obvious that the pursuit of health and fitness is more than a quick fad. It's here to stay. Looking and feeling good isn't optional for most people these days—it's a high lifestyle priority.

So millions of us are shedding pounds, running marathons, joining health clubs, reading food labels, pumping iron, chucking tobacco and alcohol, getting back to basics.

The book from which the words on these CDs are read has been around awhile. Since the book was first published, many other books about health have come and gone. Some of them have been bigger than this one, but it's not likely there has ever been a better one.

The Ministry of Healing is a book that crusades for total fitness, not just physical fitness because we human begins are more than just bodies. So these words speak to the needs of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

For a lot less than the cost of one doctor's visit, this classic on health will tell you how to manage stress, get well, prevent disease, and feel vibrantly alive.

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