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LXX: The Ultimate Timeline DVD (ONLY 11 LEFT)

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produced by Anchor Point Films

It has been noted that about 30 percent of the Bible is prophecy. Writers of the Old Testament gave detailed descriptions, in 300 of those prophecies, the expected deliverer of not only the Jewish people but also the Gentiles—the Messiah.

Historians agree that a man named Jesus did in fact exist. They also agree that He has been one of the most influential people in history. However, the mere fact of His existence is not the real debate. Rather, the debate raises a question: was He who He claimed to be?

In this documentary experts explore the staggering improbability of one man fulfilling all the necessary criteria to be the alleged “Messiah.” There is a catch, however, every one of 300 of the prophecies about the Messiah must be completed within the specified timeline.

EAN: 605310235014
Format: DVD, 33 minutes running time

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