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Love's Lies God's Replies

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by Dustin Hall

God cares about your love life.

Since He created love, sex, and romance, true love is a reflection of His character. For this reason an enemy has devised a diabolical plan to steal love's true identity. This impostor wants to enchant your mind, take hold of your heart, and destroy your love story. He has overtaken the "love" in the minds of millions all over the world-- when they think of love, they think of him. This deception is addictive, and young people everywhere have begun to desire him and not the true source of love--God. Yet God's Word has a life-changing answer for every one of "Love's" lies. God wants your love life to be incredible because what you believe about love will ultimately be what you believe about Him.

In Love's Lies God's Replies, Pastor Dustin Hall creatively brings to life biblical answers to the most common questions young adults have about love, sex, and relationships. Drawing upon his experience from presenting to thousands of young adults all over the United States, he puts the reader in the center of the practical, Bible-based illustrations communicated in his seminars. This book is a vital tool for young adults, parents, youth leaders, and anyone who wonders about God's amazing answers to life's most important questions regarding true love. If you care about true love, or the love life of someone close to you, this book is essential.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches, paperback
Pages: 128

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