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Looking for the Good

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by Neal J. VanderWaal with Elizabeth Darby Watson

Have you ever wished there was a magic wand you could use to change the people in your life? There is no wand, of course, but there is a way to change those around you and be healthier and happier while you’re doing it. Looking for the Good provides a simple, yet power way to make a difference in the world and give meaning to your own life at the same time. Herein, you will find:
• How a husband changed his wife with a few “magic” words
• How praying a 30-word prayer immediately releases God’s blessings into your life
• How you can have better health and be happier
• How a few words can change any home, workplace, church, or school
• How you can be appreciated and make a difference in the world
ISBN: 978-1-883012-06-6
Pages: 128, hardcover, 12 free award cards!
Dimensions: 5.125 x 7.25 inches

Table of Contents

Section 1: Where Should We Look for the Good?
1. Introduction: The Seed
2. A Growing Idea: The Seed Germinates

Section 2: Why Should We Look for the Good?
3. Our Resistance: “That’s The Way It Is”
4. Overcoming Odds: “How Can You Find Good In That?”
5. Human Nature: “But That’s The Way I Am, and I Can’t Change!”

Section 3: So How Do We Look for the Good?
6. A New Outlook: “I Can Be Healthier and Happier?”
7. Taking Others Along: The Boomerang and the Wave
8. Our Mission: See It, Hear It, Share It!
9. The Blessing Prayer: Praying with Our Eyes Wide Open
10. Summing It Up: “Here’s How We Do It!”

Section 4: Looking For the Good Awards
11. The Awards: The Reward

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