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Health Power—African American

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by Hans Diehl, MD and Aileen Ludinton, MD

• Learn how to prevent and even reverse many of today's major killer diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and Stress.
• Learn how to make sense out of confusing and often contradictory health information and to understand why today's breakthroughs often become tomorrow's embarrassments.
• Learn how to strengthen your social and family relationships, as well as cultivate a more meaningful spiritual life.

Finally, this book will help you discover—day by day and step by step—not a better life, but the best life! Also, the principles herein will add years to your life and zest to your years. You can live on tiptoe, double your energy, banish aches and pains, thrive on the cutting edge. Get ready for your second wind—a new life filled with vigor and enthusiasm.

ISBN: 978-1907456275
Pages: 260 pages, hardcover

"This may be the most practical key to a better lifestyle that many of us have ever found." -Dan Matthews, former executive producer and TV host of Lifestyle Magazine.

"The greatest challenge of Western medicine is to educate and motivate patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This book does exactly that-with clarity, charm, and thoroughness." -William Castelli, M.D., former director, Framingham Heart Study.

"These are important concepts that, when internalized, will do more to improve your health and extend your life than all the technological wonders of natural health management." -Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., Cleveland Clinic.

"A solid book, clearly written, providing a sensible introduction to the basis of natural health management." -John Robbins, author, Diet for a New America.
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