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For Better or for Best

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Is your marriage vibrant and continually getting better or cold and growing worse with the passing of time? Whether you are more in love than on your wedding day or thinking there’s no love left; read this book, apply the practical principles, and experience how God will transform your love and marriage.

Tom and Alane open to you the heartache of the past and the happiness found in the life changing principles of God’s Word that have made their love vibrant and fulfilling.

Explore the painful pitfalls that every couple encounters. Be encouraged by Tom and Alane’s experience and the experience of others as they have been willing to learn and live the practical “how to’s” of reversing the fatal cycles of poor communication to become living testimonies of real love.

You, too, can have a marriage that is heart-to-heart with the one who stands by your side. Whether you are seeking to strengthen a good marriage or save a marriage headed toward disaster, you can have the “best” marriage possible when you combine your efforts with God’s power. What are you waiting for?

ISBN: 978-1-933291-29-1
Pages: 128, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Table of Contents

1. Great Expectations
2. Minor—and Major—Adjustments
3. A Jolt to My Own Perspective
4. Two “Me’s” or One “Us”? (Part I)
5. Two “Me’s” or One “Us”? (Part II)
6. Building a Sure Foundation
7. An Enduring Commitment
8. Effective Communication
9. Communication Breakers
10. Respect and Restraint
11. Setting Goals and Priorities
12. Moral Purity for Men
13. Moral Purity for Women
14. Mutually Meaningful Intimacy
15. Finding Forgiveness
16. Money Matters
17. Managing Emotions
18. Resolving Conflict
19. Keeping Love Alive

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