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Falling for a Lie

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by Jay Christian with Helen Heavirland

At one time Jay was a successful rock-and-roll and country music announcer. In radio for 20 years, he was also a program director and manager. Early in his twenties, he discovered New Age and all of its trappings. He became one of its most ardent disciples. Then God tugged at his heart.

Several incidents ultimately led him to question everything he’d ever believed. All Jay wanted was truth, but where could he find it? So he embarked on a quest to find that truth. Learning where to look took him on a wild journey of highs and lows. He explored everything. Christianity. New Age. Spiritualism. Astrology. Hinduism. Buddhism. And other alluring sojourns into the supernatural. He fell for lies in his search. They trapped him in a downward spiral. Job losses. Divorces. Depression.

Then he discovered the Bible, the true meaning of Christianity. The key to releasing his despair. The truth found in the Word of God unlocked his heart and set him free. Today, he tends to a worldwide Christian radio and television ministry.

Table of Contents

1. Promise
2. Now What?
3. Souls at Work
4. “Am I Going to Die at Thirty?”
5. The Hotline Heats Up
6. Secrets from the Spirits
7. Power Run Amok
8. Thirty
9. Fears and Ratings
10. “Will You Believe Us Now?”
11. Number One
12. It’s in the Numbers
13. From the Jaws of Success
14. The Crash
15. “Can You Tell Me Why?”
16. Finding Love, Finding Work
17. Just in Case
18. Shifting on Axis
19. Mission
20. Getting Acquainted
21. Questions Welcomed
22. News about Hell
23. Why So Many Differences?
24. Study Time
25. Converting the Pastor
26. “How Can the Dead Communicate With Us?”
27. What is Truth?
28. Wrestling Peace
29. Last Attempt
Epilogue I
Epilogue II
Epilogue III

ISBN: 978-1-629130-64-4
Pages: 192, paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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