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Experiencing Jesus Through Galatians - Study Guide to Understanding Galatians

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by Jay Gallimore

Humanity’s moral collapse is at the heart of the world religions. People say that they will not be moral unless they earn a reward for being good. In Galatians, Paul powerfully shows that faith in Christ alone is the only way to establish moral righteousness in a lawless world.

Wherever it is embraced, the biblical gospel brings happiness and joy to individuals, families, and nations. It replaces darkness with light and hate with love. It opens the fountains of freedom, truth, and peace. Without exception, the true gospel sets us free to be good and to do well.

But where the gospel is rejected, a flood of human woe drowns the world. From paganism to counterfeit Christianity, to fascism, to Communism, to humanism, and to atheism — all have covered the world with broken dreams. Nor does globalism, with its new gods of technological marvels, have a cure for human tragedy.


Pages: 160, Paperback

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