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Expect a Miracle

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People today are fascinated by the supernatural. TV, books, video games, and movies zoom in on the paranormal, bringing otherworldly events—no matter how fictional—frighteningly to life. Even TV evangelists—who should be preaching the gospel—focus on the fantastic by thumping foreheads with the palms of their hands to proclaim healing to all who will "feel the power."

This human fixation on miracles is nothing new. In fact, it presented a huge dilemma for Jesus, the greatest miracle worker of all time while He was on earth.

By His very nature, Christ was a healer. The Creator of life in its most vibrant form ached to see sin manifested in His creation with deformities, ailments, disease, and pain. He loved to replace heartache with healing, which was a hallmark of His ministry on earth.

Yet Jesus longed to heal more than the physical. He reached beyond wounded bodies to soothe wounded hearts. His ultimate goal was to bring life—vital, pulsating life—to listless hearts that were hard as stone.

The same Jesus, who was so willing to heal centuries ago, stands ready to heal today. The Great Physician is reaching His hand out to you. There may be some who, like the prophet Elisha, are allowed to suffer a lingering physical illness here on earth. But there is spiritual healing for all.

We can learn much from Christ's earthly ministry, which was poured into healing the masses who thronged His steps. This book is the story of those miracles.

By E. G. White

Table of Contents

  1. At Jacob's Well
  2. Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
  3. Bethesda and the Sanhedrin
  4. The Kingdom of God Is at Hand
  5. The Call by the Sea
  6. At Capernaum
  7. Thou Canst Make Me Clean
  8. Levi-Matthew
  9. The Sabbath
  10. He Ordained Twelve
  11. The Sermon on the Mount
  12. The Centurion
  13. The Invitation
  14. Peace, Be Still
  15. The Touch of Faith

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