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In today's highly competitive world, education is considered to be the deciding factor for success and prosperity; yet it has obviously failed to produce peace and morality. Children grow with no respect for their fellow beings. Nations are on the brink of disaster and ruin unless crime and immorality are soon restrained. History clearly reveals our mistakes, yet mandated reform by government authority has only produced rebellion and violence. Are there no answers to this dilemma?

Remnant Publications is excited to provide solutions to these current baffling perplexities in the public's eye. From the words of Education in easy-to-understand language, you will discover the essential element of true education is the harmonious development of the three essential human characteristics—physical, mental, and spiritual. This godly author clearly reveals that, love, the basis of creation and of redemption, is the basis of true education. Simply put, changes that last are those that are motivated by unselfish love.

As your eyes travel over these soul inspiring words, you will understand where many have failed. Regardless of the knowledge we have in one or two of the three physical, mental, or spiritual—we will ultimately be unbalanced and continue to fail. But . . . when these three are developed together according to God's plan, we will discover and live the truth which makes us free.

Each of us must face the realistic circumstances of daily life, it's failures and defeats as well as its responsibilities and opportunities for success. How essential therefore that we prepare ourselves mentally, especially during childhood, to meet these experiences from a perspective bases upon godly principles! Principles that recognize God as the source of all wisdom and the great teacher of true education.

ISBN: 9-781-883012-25-0
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E. G. White

Table of Contents

  1. Source and Aim of True Education
  2. The Eden School
  3. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
  4. Relation of Education to Redemption
  5. The Education of Israel
  6. The Schools of the Prophets
  7. Lives of Great Men
  8. The Teacher Sent from God
  9. An Illustration of His Methods
  10. God in Nature
  11. Lessons of Life
  12. Other Object Lessons
  13. Mental and Spiritual Culture
  14. Science and the Bible
  15. Business Principles and Methods
  16. Bible Biographies
  17. Poetry and Song
  18. Mysteries of the bible
  19. History and Prophecy
  20. Bible Teaching and Study
  21. Study of Physiology
  22. Temperance and Dietetics
  23. Recreation
  24. Manuel Training
  25. Education and Character
  26. Methods of Teaching
  27. Deportment
  28. Relation of Dress to Education
  29. The Sabbath
  30. Faith and Prayer
  31. The Lifework
  32. Preparation
  33. Cooperation
  34. Discipline
  35. The School of the Hereafter

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