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Coming Out DVD

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In today's society, as you have no doubt noticed, the formerly "taboo" topic of homosexuality is now being blatantly discussed on television, by media, in courts, schools, churches, and homes worldwide. Currently known as the LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) controversy, it’s hot, and it isn't going away. More than 18 countries have legalized same-sex marriage, and that number will only increase. Is this battlefield another sign of earth’s “last days”?

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White Horse Media’s new 13-part series, Coming Out: Former Gays Testify of God’s Saving Love, tackles this emotionally charged issue with kindness and compassion, without compromising Scripture. Saturated with “aha!” moments, each program is engaging, enlightening, and redemptive, and they are rooted in the personal experiences of three former gays who have "been there and done that." They know. They’ve struggled. They’ve been rescued. Their powerful stories can help anyone struggling with same-sex attraction—including your own friends or loved ones.

Topics include:

Program 1: Out of Innocence, with Wayne Blakely
Program 2: Becoming a Man, with Mike Carducci
Program 3: Exploding the Gay Myth, with Ron Woolsey
Program 4: The Owner’s Manual
Program 5: I Love You?
Program 6: Homophobia
Program 7: Are YOU Tempted?
Program 8: The Blame Game
Program 9: Can You Pray the Gay Away?
Program 10: Salvation by Sex?
Program 11: Is it Possible to be Gay and Christian?
Program 12: The War for our Souls
Program 13: “Help Me!” (resources)

Hosted by Steve Wohlberg, with special guests Wayne Blakely, Mike Carducci, and Ron Woolsey, Coming Out is perfect for prayer meetings, home Bible studies, or for anyone longing for a more satisfying life that can only come by following God’s plan.

Includes 3 DVDs
(370 minutes) Over 6 hours of content.
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