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An Ancient Dream Unlocks the Future DVD (ONLY 5 Left)

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produced by Anchor Point Films

So often the future connotes mystery, unveiled destiny, and an unsearchable fate. Great is the anxiety and perplexity that stirs within the human heart as one thinks of what the future might hold.

Is there any way to know? Can anyone be prepared for what is going to take place? Multitudes seek fortune tellers, palm readers, and horoscopes to unravel the mysteries of the future. However, the question begs to be asked, “Is there anything you can really trust?”

About 2,500 years ago the key that unlocked all those years of history between then and now, our present, and our future was found in an ancient king’s bedroom. In this historical documentary, professors and archeologists analyze this ancient dream and show how it relates to our lives today.

ISBN: 1-891473-26-3
Format: DVD, 53 minutes running time

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