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A Warning to the Saved

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by Charles E. Lawson

Do you have a sense of right and wrong? How did you come by it? Is it innate?

A pet or other animal, while it may know exactly what it is doing, does not have one iota of remorse for having done anything that is wrong in our eyes. ? It would be useless to reprimand a wolf for killing and eating a sheep. So if we evolved from those “lower” life forms, as some believe, how did we acquire a moral code?

Is there a God in heaven who generated that moral code in us? Are we accountable to Him? Will we one day stand in judgment before Him? Wouldn’t you want to know one way or the other before you pass from this life on planet Earth?

Let’s face it—where there is now law, there is no wrongdoing. Even civil governments know that, so they have employed guidelines to keep some sort of order in the land. If we step outside those guidelines, we suffer the consequences as stipulated by the government.

Since God, and we believe He exists, is a God of order, it stands to reason that He has implemented His own supreme law. Back in Eden we broke His law in the interest of self. Would a God of love and mercy use that law against us? Or would He put into place a plan to save us from our insubordinate path?

First Timothy 3:16 talks about the “mystery of godliness.” God’s still loves His created beings despite our law-breaking personalities. Therein we find the problem. Retribution for law-breaking, according to God, is the death penalty. Even so, He has this deep desire to keep us around Him for eternity. Thus, He offered His only Son to stand in our place when we stand before Him in judgment for our wrong-doing.

Do you want to take God’s offer of deliverance from your rebellion?

ISBN: 978-1-629131-40-5
Pages: 32, paperback
Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.5 inches
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