Wouldn’t it be great if you could


Offer your customers hundreds of Christian books to choose from—without carrying inventory?


Visit your customers time after time to show them new products?


Build a consistent customer base?


Advertise and sell books online?

Now, with the Family Home Christian Books affiliate program, you can!

Family Home Christian Books provides you with a customized website featuring hundreds of books, audio books, ebooks, DVDs, and more. You receive a 25% commission on all sales through this site. We handle all the ordering, customer service, and fulfillment.


This revolutionary program opens up new opportunities for literature evangelism besides door-to-door sales.

  • Create flyers, posters, and ads to promote your site.
  • Leave business cards at doors where no one is home.
  • Promote your site on Facebook and other websites.
  • Share the site with friends and family.

Family Home Christian Books includes the most popular literature evangelist products as well as an extensive selection from Remnant Publications.

  • The Bible Story and other children’s books
  • The Bible Reference Library
  • Health books and cookbooks
  • Magabooks
  • Ellen White books
  • DVDs, audio books, and music
  • Plus much more!

Keep your customers coming back for life-changing Christian books.

Best of all, when customers order from FamilyHomeChristianBooks.com, they’ll receive our “featured product” emails. These messages will bring them back to purchase again and again—with no effort on your part!

You’ll continue to receive the 25% commission on all future orders from your customers.

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