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Health Smart

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Walter C. Thompson, M.D.

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by Walter C. Thompson, M.D.

1088 pages

Our world is in the midst of a health care crisis. Knowledge and technology such as never before known have made it possible to do all kinds of medical wonders. Yet, most of the people living on the planet today do not have access to even the most basic of health care.

For some, it is cost—for many others—inaccessibility. Around the world each day, millions of people are suffering and dying prematurely of completely preventable conditions, all because of ignorance or because of health destroying practices that they seem unable to change.

In Health Smart, you will find:
  • Helpful information designed to reduce your need for expensive and inaccessible health care;
  • Recommendations for managing many health-care problems in an effective and efficient way when they do arise;
  • Instructions for self-care in those places and under those circumstances where health-care may be inaccessible for whatever reason;
  • A spiritual component providing a healing link between the physical, mental and social aspects of health.

This book in not intended to criticize the benefits of modern, high-tech health-care, nor to discourage its use when its services are indicated. (Modern health-care has truly done some great things in recent decades.) Rather, it is our objective to fill in some of the gaps that modern health care, for a wide variety of reasons, is unable to fill.
Within the pages of Health Smart you will learn how to enjoy the very choicest of health for the longest possible time at a cost you can afford—whether you live in affluence or in poverty.

Table of Contents

A Parable
About the Editor
“Quick Start” to HEALTH SMART
Tips for Navigating through HEALTH SMART
  • Section I—Care of the Sick
  • Section II—Emergency and First Aid Care
  • Section III—Symptoms of Disease and Their Treatment
  • Section IV—Specific Diseases
  • Section V—Special Health Needs
  • Section VI—Principles to Live By
  • Section VII—Healing Agents
  • Section VIII—How to Do Procedures
  • Section IX—How to Cope in the Modern World
  • Section X—Health Management
  • Section XI—Helping Others
  • Philosophy of Health and Health