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Prayer 90X

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Ivor Myers

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You get two books with this purchase:
  • Prayer 90X
  • Prayer Journal

by Ivor Myers

If you will commit to 90 days of worship, for one hour a day, you will indeed see changes you may have thought impossible. Take a mental picture of where you are now, and see what the Spirit of God can do for you in 90 days. Your study of the Bible and your prayer life will not be the same!

This book is written for the person who does not know how to have worship, and the person who is very used to worship. It is written so that young and old alike can experience the Bible and worship in a more personal and consistent way. It can be used especially for the small unit or group leader who seeks to assist his unit or group in becoming more spiritually fit, or for the church as whole to equip the members with a powerful worship life. We are in the Lord’s Army, and as soldiers, spiritual fitness is vital.