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Train Up a Child: A Guide to Successful Parenting

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by Nancy Van Pelt
Classic but timeless and effective counsel for parents and prospective parents

Originally printed in 1984, this book was prepared for three groups of readers. First, it was written for young people who are seriously preparing for marriage and parenthood. Preventing problems before they arise is the best method of family-life education because it is much easier to prevent trouble than to cure it once it has become a stronghold in the home. Second, average parents who are jogging along fairly well with no serious problems will find ideas in this writing to improve their family life. Third, parents who are distressed and discouraged because their dreams for a happy home have become nightmares will find this book helpful in guiding them through their troubles to a bright future.

The best features include:
• Sibling rivalry versus sibling harmony—establishing peace in the home
• Special communication to harvest a well-adjusted child

Pages: 240, hardcover

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