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The Noble Character (Daily Devotional)

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365-day devotional compiled from The Remnant Study Bible

Noble character? What's that? How do we get it?

In today's world those are great questions. We all have one—a character. It is made up of our thoughts, feelings, and choices. This character lets us know—if we honestly ask ourselves—what kind of person we are. Character traits, such as love, faith, loyalty, honesty, integrity, temperament, and even diet, to name a few, build our characters—ours and mine.

In this world of "anything goes," many are forming anything but noble characters. It seems like what was right a few years ago is now either forgotten or deemed unnecessary; yet, without having noble characters, we as individuals will never be what God intended us to be.

In developing this 365-day devotional, we used the greatest book ever—the Bible. We pulled out the best stories and used the comments from The Remnant Study Bible to give you a book that is more essential now than ever before.

As you read from day to day, it will become clear how much God loves you and what He wants you to be. You will find answers to questions that were once hard to understand, and find new and practical ways to help from the most important part of your ever—a noble character.

“A noble character is earned by individual effort through the merits and grace of Christ. God gives the talents, the powers of the mind; we form the character. … We shall have to criticize ourselves closely, and allow not one unfavorable trait to remain uncorrected” (Christ’s Object Lessons, 331).

ISBN: 978-1-629130-09-5
Hardcover binding with dust jacket

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