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Quigley's Village 5-DVD Set, Part 2

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Quigley’s Village programs are not only fun and entertaining for children, ages three through six, but they are also designed to help parents teach character values to their children. Each program is about one particular value, like telling the truth, and has a story that children can understand. Each program also has a Bible story relating to the value. The stories in the program are a wonderful discussion starter for Mom and Dad to talk with their children behavioral traits that reflect Christ’s character—an excellent aid in building godly characters.

Although these DVDs may just seem like fun entertainment, there is a lot more going on in the program than what meets the eye. Quigley’s Village was developed by a group of moms, dads, child psychologists, early childhood educators, and more who were determined to provide a means to teach good values to children. Out of their research they learned many things that make Quigley’s Village so essential to kids.

"Captivating and very entertaining. Young children know it is for them.
Conveys a strong sense of moral and spiritual values."

—Ben Carson, MD, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins University


Churches and Christian preschools started also use the Quigley’s Village programs. To make it easier for churches to use we have developed three curriculum packages. Each package includes the DVD content, a CD with lesson plans, activity sheets, parent guides.

Vol. 7: Courage
Learning to be courageous is fun when Danny, Bubba, and Spike imagine themselves as the Wonder Kids looking for adventure. On "assignment" from Mr. Quigley they find a money purse in the park and are faced with the dilemma of keeping it or giving it back.

Vol. 8: Resisting Temptation
Everyone is tempted in one way or another, and Bubba can hardly resist one of his mom's fresh banana cream pies. Meanwhile, Danny is tempted to cheat when he can't think of anything to write for the poetry contest. Thus, this story helps children to recognize that not everything that is tempting is good for us.

Vol. 9: Truth & Trust
Danny decides to buy a toy with the money Mr. Quigley gives him to buy party decorations. To cover his actions he has to lie and finally decides to bury the toy. Everything is going great until it rains and Danny's deception is found growing out of the ground. Children will see why we should always tell the truth.

Vol. 10: Thankfulness
Lemon learns the importance of thankfulness when her doll is swept away during a windy day of kite flying. The gang tries to find Mrs. Toddy without success until she is found on top of a flag pole and only Bubba can save the day! Lemon learns how to be thankful to others, and Bubba learns to be thankful to God for making him just the way he is.

Vol. 11: Overcoming Fear
In this episode Mr. Quigley takes the guys camping, and they have a wonderful time eating and telling stories until bedtime when Bubba hears strange noises. The noises get louder and Bubba's imagination runs wild. Lemon helps comfort Bubba by giving him her prize possession, her doll Mrs. Toddy. Bubba then feels more secure and is able to confront his fear and discover the culprit. Earlier in the day Lemon also was able to overcome her fear of going to see the doctor.

Set also includes English and Spanish audio.

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