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Great Stories for Kids Set - 5 Vols

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by Jerry D. Thomas

This five-volume set is full contemporary stories and full color illustrations that appeal to kids. The stories are presented in a moral context, helping children to relate to topics such as prayer, self-esteem, sex, fear, violence, and many other problems of the world today. Parents love this kind of help in nurturing their kids to be healthy and happy.

While reading this collection of short stories in these books;or hearing them ;kids will learn to make good choices about television, what to do in emergencies, and how to face unfairness. They'll also learn about dealing with prejudice, about being courteous, about making friends, and about dealing with drinking in the family, as well as other issues. These books will not only entertain kids, but they will also reinforce some of the most important things they are learning as they grow up and become healthy adults. In each book, the stories and pictures will make you jump back, laugh out loud, and keep you guessing what will happen next!

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