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God's Healing Way

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by Mary Ann McNeilus, M.D.

Be inspired to look to God as the great Healer, and value simple remedies as priceless as you study through this down-to-earth, yet profound medical missionary guide prepared for you by Dr. McNeilus.

If you desire better health or are suffering from illness, God’s Healing Way is for you! Recognizing that God is the Master Physician, God’s Healing Way outlines the health principles set forth in the Bible that facilitate maximum health. Natural remedies for the treatment of illness are discussed and practical instruction for their application is given. This unique combination of biblical health principles and natural remedies is truly God’s Healing Way.

Pages: 102, paperback
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Table of Contents

God’s Health Laws
1. Ideal Diet
2. Exercise
3. Water
4. Sunlight
5. Temperance
6. Fresh Air
7. Rest
8. Trust in Divine Power
Simple Home Remedies
9. The Contrast Baths
10. The Hot Foot Bath
11. Fomentations
12. The Heating Compress
13. Charcoal
God’s Healing Way
14. Demonstrates His Power
15. Develops Character
16. Uses Natural Remedies
17. Requires Prayer
18. Utilizes Fasting
19. Exposes Satan’s Deceptive Healing
20. Amplifies End-Time Truth

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