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Sample Canvasses

Bible Adventure DVD Canvass | Download here
Bible Story Canvass (Peter Marzano) | Download here
Bible Story Canvass (Bill Beckworth) | Downlaod here
Big Book Prospecting Canvass (Rocky Davis) | Download here
Canvassing Appeals (Tim Leffew) | Download here
Colporteur Ministry Quick Reference Marking Plan | Download here
Magabook Canvass for Adults | Download here
Tips on Selling Medical Books | Download here
Youth Magabook Canvass | Download here 
Foods and Their Healing Power (Tim Barker) | Download here 

Study Guides

Health Power Study Guide | Download here
Health and Peace Study Guide | Download here
Beware of Angels | Download here

Children's Century Classics Sales Aides

CCC Canvass | Download here
CCC Heart Appeals | Download here
CCC Church Flyer | Download here
CCC Church Flyer (non-SDA)| Download here
Promotional Video Download | Right-click to Download here