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Magic Kingdom, Pseudology, Replacement gods 3-DVD Set

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Magic Kingdom, Pseudology, Replacement gods 3-DVD Set

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produced by Little Light Studios

Hollywood is a constant battlefield with the goal of feeding our minds with the trash of the Devil. From the graphic images, to the language spoken, to the music, and everything else in between, we are being sabotaged with messages designed to divert our attention from the narrow way, “which leadeth unto life” (Matthew 7:14). The three documentary films in this package expose these devilish plans. With this knowledge we can keep focused on the heavenly realms so that we can “make straight paths for [our] feet” (Hebrew 12:13).

PSEUDOLOGY: The Art of Lying DVD

The entertainment industry has long stood as one of the most influential businesses on the planet. Yet there is an overwhelming misconception that its content has no effect upon our lives. Exactly how much of an effect media has upon you has been measured by the advertising industry and has been proven to be tried-and-true. Just as the advertising industry uses hypnosis and psychology to sell its products to an unsuspecting public, are movie producers using these same tactics to sell you a belief system? See the scientific evidence in this eye-opening documentary that takes an in depth look into the pseudology of the entertainment industry and reveals how the movies are reshaping our worldview.

UPC Code: 028672299898
Format: DVD, approximate running time 88 minutes

Magic Kingdom: What Does Your Heart Follow?

Childhood is one of the key stages in the development of the human mind. It shapes who we will be in our adult lives and seals the majority of our character in stone. Cartoons target these young impressionable minds.

Cartoons become your child’s best friends; colorfully captivating and irresistibly entertaining, they entice young impressionable minds during one of the key stages of mental development. Are these “magic” messages planting seeds of dissension into our minds, causing us to rebel against the kingdom of God?

What are their “magic” messages? This documentary examines the underlying content and story lines of some of today’s most popular cartoons. It reveals a battle between God and the powers of darkness for dominion in the hearts of the innocent and examines the deeper story lines of some of the most popular cartoons that aim to change your view of the kingdom of heaven.

Two kingdoms. Two powers. Two choices. The impact on our lives will be far greater than magic.

What does your heart tell you to follow—the magic kingdoms of this world or the kingdom of God?

UPC Code: 728028164626
Format: DVD, approximate running time 58 minutes

The Replacement gODS

The Replacement gODS takes a look at the super hero phenomenon taking Hollywood by storm. Every culture since the dawn of time has told fantastical tales of heroes who have saved humanity from some unspeakable evil. The effect these mythological tales had on humanity when the true Savior Jesus Christ arrived on Earth was devastating. Many didn’t recognize Him because they were seeking a much different hero. Did the Devil blind us from Christ’s first coming by flooding the world with counterfeits of God’s prophesies? Since super heroes in comics are based on classical myths, is the Devil blinding us again from the greatest supernatural event the world will ever witness, Christ’s second coming?

Superman, Batman, Thor, and many more make their appearances and unmask their true colors in this ever-so-clear evidentiary documentary. The Replacement gODS should be the last super hero movie you ever watch!

UPC Code: 728028164633
Format: DVD, approximate running time 105 minutes