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The Great Controversy: Between Good and Evil Bible Study Guide

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Merlin Beerman

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The Great Controversy Bible Study Guide is a series of 13 lessons. Arranged in a Bible study format, it begins with the origin of sin and concludes with its extermination. Your search will provide you with knowledge that will affect your eternal destiny. Following is a list of some of important topics covered.

  • communication with the dead
  • immortality of the soul
  • the law of God
  • observance of God's holy day
  • the mark of the beast
  • the time of trouble
  • the coming of Christ
  • the destruction of the earth

What's at stake in the war between good and evil, heaven and hell? What will happen in the end? This thorough Bible study adapted from The Great Controversy answers these and many other questions. This comprehensive Bible study will help you and those with whom you share it to understand clearly our role in the final battle to come.

God, who created in you the longing for a better existence and the desire for truth, has not withheld this life-giving knowledge from you. On this incredible journey through the bible, you'll find answers to your questions and gain and understanding of critical last-day events. In so doing, you will be better prepared to make the decision that will determine your eternal destiny. This study will change your life!

SBN: 978-0-9668482-5-0
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 inches, paperback
Pages: 144

Questions and compilation by Merlin Beerman

Table of Contents

  1. The Origin of Evil
  2. Enmity between Man and Satan
  3. Agency of Evil Spirits
  4. Snares of Satan
  5. The First Great Deception
  6. Can the Dead Speak to Us?
  7. The Impending Conflict
  8. The Scriptures a Safeguard
  9. The final Warning
  10. The Time of Trouble
  11. God's People Delivered
  12. Desolation of the Earth
  13. The Controversy Ended
Supporting materials include appendices on the following topics: Obedience—The True Test of Loyalty, The History of the Sabbath, The History of Sunday Observance, Does the Day We Observe Matter?, The Beast of Revelation, The Image of the beast, and God's "Seal" and the "Mark" of the Beast.