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The Great Controversy: Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Great Protestant Reformation

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E. G. White

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Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Great Protestant Reformation

This reprinting of The Great Controversy honors those who stood firm in the carnage against the Protestants. It is one that you will be proud to share. This upgrade still has the same 42 chapters and appendix that E. G. White wrote, edited, and approved. We've reformatted our missionary edition with larger print and wider margins. Thus, 100 pages have been added to current sharing edition. This volume is also printed on whiter paper for easier readability.

Why did the reformers protest the church that they loved?

The Protestant Reformers loved their church, but they loved God’s Word even more. “The Bible and the Bible only as the rule of faith and practice” was their motto. Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale and many others pointed people to the Bible, not the church, as the supreme source of truth.

Their convictions drove them into a heated controversy with the religious establishment of their day. But their passion for the truths of Scripture led them to stand firm for their convictions, despite intense persecution and even death.

Five hundred years later, have we forgotten the principles for which these courageous Christians struggled and sacrificed?

In too many churches, members rest their faith on a preacher or a creed rather than on the Holy Scriptures. Most people today are no more eager to follow an unpopular truth than were the church leaders of the sixteenth century. The same tendency to accept human theories and traditions instead of the Word of God leaves many believers complacent, uninterested in great spiritual progress.

The author observed, “The spirit of the world is no more in harmony with the spirit of Christ today than in earlier times, and those who preach the word of God in its purity will be received with no greater favor now than then. … The great controversy between truth and error, between Christ and Satan, is to increase in intensity to the close of this world’s history.” The devil may work in more subtle ways, but he is still as opposed to Bible truth as he was during those dark periods of persecution.

The experience of the Reformers contains vital lessons for our times. If you’ve forgotten that history—or perhaps you’ve never heard it—dig into the pages of this book. You’ll be amazed at their stories of daring, danger, and deliverance. More importantly, you’ll discover truths worth living for and dying for.

ISBN: 978-1-629130-20-0
Case quantity: 52 books
Pages: 480, paperback
Dimensions: 5 x 8.25 inches

• All 42 chapters, plus full appendix
• Larger print size
• Wider margins
• Whiter paper

Table of Contents

  1. The Destruction of Jerusalem
  2. Persecution in the First Centuries
  3. An Era of Spiritual Darkness
  4. The Waldenses
  5. John Wycliffe
  6. Huss and Jerome
  7. Luther's Separation from Rome
  8. Luther before the Diet
  9. The Swiss Reformer
  10. Progress of Reform in Germany
  11. Protest of the Princes
  12. The French Reformation
  13. The Netherlands and Scandinavia
  14. Later English Reformers
  15. The bible and the French Revolution
  16. The Pilgrim Fathers
  17. Heralds of the Morning
  18. An American Reformer
  19. Light through Darkness
  20. A Great Religious Awakening
  21. A warning Rejected
  22. Prophecies Fulfilled
  23. What is the Sanctuary?
  24. In the Holy of Holies
  25. God's Law Immutable
  26. A Work of Reform
  27. Modern Revivals
  28. Facing Life's Record
  29. The Origin of Evil
  30. Enmity between Man and Satan
  31. Agency of Evil Spirits
  32. Snares of Satan
  33. The First Great Deception
  34. Can Our Dead Speak to Us?
  35. Liberty of Conscience Threatened
  36. The Impending conflict
  37. The Scriptures a Safeguard
  38. The Final Warning
  39. The Time of Trouble
  40. God's People Delivered
  41. Desolation of the Earth
  42. The Controversy Ended