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That Kind Can Never Change!” Can They?

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Victor J. Adamson

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by Victor J. Adamson

The true story of one man’s struggle with his own homosexuality—was he born this way, or was he conditioned by abuse, environment, and circumstance? Could God love him in spite of the lifestyle he was leading? Was it possible for someone like him to change or to be changed?

The author’s path to victory is shared so that others may know that “nothing is impossible with God.”

ISBN: 978-0-977033-21-8
Pages: 216, paperback
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Table of Contents


SECTION I—The “Gay” Life/A Misnomer
1. A Rude Awakening
2. Is That All There Is…?

SECTION II—Looking Back at Childhood
3. Loss of Innocence and Childhood Antics
4. Childhood Paradise and Resentment
5. Antics in the Attic and Other Faux Pas
6. Nightmare of All Nightmares
7. On the Brighter Side

SECTION III—Those Troubled Teen Years
8. Loss of Innocence—Again!
9. Excellence in Achievement and Confusion of Heart
10. On My Own, Away from Home, and a Broken Heart
11. From Valedictorian to College Drop Out
12. From GI to Missionary


SECTION IV—Having It All: And Then the Fall

13. Return to Excellence and Having It All
14. My Fall from Grace
15. My Gay Life—Censored and Condensed
16. On the Rebound

SECTION V—The Long Journey Home
17. I Just Called to Say “I Love You”
18. As the Twig Is Bent
19. A Close, Honest Look at Myself—Finally!
20. “My Son, Give Me Thine Heart”
21. Pecking My Way Out

SECTION VI—Home at Last
22. Second Chances and Double Portions
23. You, Too, Can Be Made Whole!