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Economic Crisis

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Economic Crisis

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No one has gone untouched as America has stumbled into the worst financial predicament in recent memory. For most people, it is small consolation that the economy is bruising everyone. From sea to shining sea, anxiety is beginning to chip away at the most precious commodity of all—good old American optimism.

So how did we get here? Though the factors are numerous, a short list would include lax lending standards, poor regulation, and greed. A few naysayers saw the approaching train, but average Americans were completely blindsided. In the aftermath, 20/20 hindsight helps us see the dangers of a house too big or a car too costly. Too late, we realized the perils of debt and the virtues of spending less than what we earn.

As the incredible drama continues to unfold, truth becomes unmistakable. The world arrives at a crossroads with eternal consequences. There can be no doubt about the message. Everyone will make a choice—a choice for God or a choice for self-preservation. Some will follow the path of least resistance and say, “I choose to buy and sell, even if it means breaking God’s commandments.” But others gladly respond, “I choose to trust God completely, knowing that He will supply all of my needs. By His power, I will keep the Ten Commandments.” These loyal people are described as “those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (see Revelation 14:12, NKJV). Which side will you choose?

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