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The Character of God Controversy

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The Character of God Controversy

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Steve Wohlberg and Chris Lewis, M.D.

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As planet Earth races relentlessly toward the final crisis, our most urgent need is to know God as He is, instead of merely as we think He is. Ever since the great war in heaven, Lucifer—the great character of God distorter—has worked tirelessly to misrepresent both our Creator's love and His justice. One every side, falsehood and extremes abound. While some perceive the Supreme Deity as a loveless tyrant who can hardly wait to hurl sinners into hell, others imagine that He is so mild and gentle that He won't even punish sin.

Lucifer's infernal goal is to "�deceive, if possible, even the elect'" (Matthew 24:24 NKJV). This book will not only help you detect his snares, but it also reveals our magnificent Maker in such a way that readers will admire His goodness, appreciate His justice, and above all, discover His love for you and your family.

ISBN: 978-0-8163-2288-6
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches, paperback
Pages: 160

by Steve Wohlberg and Chris Lewis, MD

Table of Contents

  1. War Zone
  2. Cleft of the Rock Clarity
  3. Loyal Levites and the Golden Calf
  4. A Lover's Wrath
  5. Written with the Finger of God
  6. Heaven's Sword on Heaven's shepherd
  7. The Righteousness of Jesus Christ
  8. When Mercy Ceases
  9. The End of Evil