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The Antichrist Agenda

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Danny Shelton and Shelley Quinn

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The power of an unseen world are promoting an agenda to vanquish God's authority and veil Bible truths about end-time events.

What part do the Ten Commandments play in the antichrist agenda? Why is the spotlight suddenly spinning back to the Decalogue? As we approach the closing trials of earth's history, the Ten Commandments loom large on the horizon of the immediate future.

This compelling book will move you beyond prophetic theory and popular fiction . . . back to the Bible where all answers are provided. The authors present a careful study and faithful interpretation of prophecy that agrees with the early Christian Church fathers.

Drawing on the Bible only, they identify the antichrist power and the agenda that has succeeded in pointing the finger of prophecy away from the real mark of the beast. So, too, is the truth of Christ's Second Coming unveiled from Scripture.

This book will help every Christian experience the inner peace of Christ, in assurance of His truth, as they face the forces of evil in earth's final battle.